Goa Nico Fix Anti-Tobacco Chewing Gum

The Challenge:

Goa Nico Fix was a newly launched anti-tobacco product in the market. The client wanted people to register the brand message of using the product to get rid of smoking habits.

The second challenge was to collect people’s response to the product for improvements.

What did we do?

We had Yaamraj & Yamdoot, the brand mascots, all over the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Season 4 stadium, distributing the product free to smokers to help them give up smoking. They were also covered by the camera along with the anti-smoking message on the TV screens.

Celebrity interactions were conducted where celebs urged their fans to give up the smoking habit and live a long and healthy life.

Product trials were conducted amongst the smokers outside the stadium during the matches and their responses were collected on parameters such as taste, packaging, pricing and effectiveness.

The Result:

Goa Nico Fix developed and launched two new flavours of the chewing gum and reworked the packaging.




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